word on the street.

From some of our amazing clients* and significant others**.

What you say, ready to be next?

* Friends making it possible for us to live our dream.

** Dedicated and handpicked extended pimms that we call on to deliver greatness in every project.

From clients

Henrik Steiner – Nordic Sales Director, Xiaomi

This is what a partnership should be like. They listen, challenge and develop to make the deliveries meet our ambition and reach our customers. They like people and that comes through in their way of working as well as creating. Always according to deadline and with a positive and happy attitude. Creating creative solutions with a business focus to make us reach our targets. Professionality in all parts of the delivery and with a focus on making a true contribution and value not only completing a task or project.

Niclas Lundberg – Business Owner, Co-founder & Product/UX/UI designer

Pimm created an excellent toolbox for our small digital product agency. The whole process was very easy, lean and frequent, and with each sub-delivery running up until the big finale, we felt more and more excited and inspired.

We strongly recommend working with Pimm. You can expect being engaged with and by people that are committed to not only deliver the best thinkable results, but in doing so also ensuring you, as a customer, are left happy and satisfied.

Peter Andersson – Managing Director

We started our UGo journey almost at the same time as Pimm saw the daylight. Since we had already worked with the team behind Pimm to design and develop the UGo Solution, it was an easy decision to give them full responsibility to manage and run the UGo marketing. 

They have been deeply involved in many aspects; everything from naming the concept/service, creating a unique digital marketing setup and managing the tech development. They also led and created the concept rebrush including the UX and UI. 
To work with Pimm is an adventure, you never know what direction it will take you, but one thing you can be assured of, you will never be disappointed. They always exceed your expectations and with a smile on their faces.
Can´t wait to take the next step in our UGo journey together with the Pimm team. It will be a blast to continue together!

From significant others

Shahriar Emil – User Experience Designer

Working with Pimm and its talented people was an amazing experience. Pimm has the expertise, technical know-how as well as the passion for creating the right solution for users and aspiring for best project delivery to its clients. They're also really fun and down to earth.

Would love to work with them again in the future!

Otto Norin – Photographer & Filmmaker

I've worked with Pimm on several projects both as a photographer and post-production. It's always exciting when Pimm calls and starts the conversation with "I've got this fun idea...". Working with Pimm I always get a clear brief, great communication and they're always there so we can both solve questions and find even better ways to solve the task at hand. 

I'm looking forward to our next exciting project together!