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Some brands we've worked with along the way.

Kristine W. Lium – Founder / CD & Head of Pimm


Cira about Kristine:
Kristine and her conceptual mind never stops impressing me. She finds inspiration in everything and is constantly working on new ideas in her head. It’s amazing to be present when she starts brainstorming and is able to pick out all kinds of creative and innovative concepts that speaks to both clients and end customers. Kristine is a positive force of energy and meets challenges with a positivity and a mindset that nothing is impossible. And with her – it really never is.



Cira Wikström – Co-Founder / AD

visual&artistic wizard

Kristine about Cira:
She’s got amazing talent, dedication and an incredible ability to transform our concepts into magical executions. With an unstoppable curiosity and desire to learn, develop and grow Cira is nothing but a rare treasure in terms of a pimmp. A crazy combination of yes-can-do and realist makes a good balance in our team. I wouldn’t have any other artistic wizard or partner as my co-pimm.
She’s my Unicorn!