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Colors, Characters and Consistency: All Things Branding

Updated: Feb 28

In branding, every detail counts. Choosing the right colors and creating stunning illustrations is great. But evoking emotions and building a consistent identity that stands through time is even greater. We put a spotlight on this in a brand video we made for our client Precisions, and we'll guide you on how you can do it too.


Crafting Precisions

Precisions is making its way into the preventive healthcare scene in Sweden. WIth an innovative and fact based approach they are looking to deliver a different type of service in healthcare. What they are looking to offer is ranging from personal treatments and diagnostics, to physical clinics, equipment and products. 

Crafting a brand to house all of these products and services is in many ways a full branded house. At the same time they are at the beginning of their journey and all things are an investment. Together we developed a visual identity that connects all the different parts of the product back to the core of their offering. The focus is to symbolize both the targeted and data-driven solutions with the personalized and caring treatments.

Crafting your brand

So, how can you do it? Start by thinking about these 5 steps. 

🌟1. Colors

Did you know that up to 90% of first impressions are based on color alone? Colors are more than just visual elements, they are powerful communicators. From bold red that commands attention to soothing blue that whispers calm, every shade plays a role in shaping your brand. Understanding the psychology behind colors lets you connect with your audience on a deeper level, sparking the right emotions and associations.

🌟2. Illustrations

When words fall short, illustrations step in to tell the story. Whether conveying a complex message or infusing personality into your brand, illustrations are very effective. Our advice? Use  illustrations when you want to captivate and engage your audience.

🌟3. Logo

If there's one thing to focus on, it's your logo. The gateway to your brand's identity. A well-crafted logo encapsulates your values, products, and personality. It's from which your entire branding universe unfolds. Invest time and creativity in your logo design, and the rest will follow.

🌟4. Associations

Define your brand's personality and let it guide your choices. Pinpoint the emotions and associations you want your brand to evoke. For instance, if trustworthiness is paramount, maybe skip the provoking red for a calming shade of blue. Aligning your color palette with your brand's essence ensures a harmonious connection with your audience. Be a trend breaker. While it's tempting to follow the latest trends, don't compromise your brand's recognizability. 

🌟5. Consistency

Your brand's identity should be a thread woven seamlessly across all platforms. From fonts to color palettes, maintain a cohesive look that reinforces your brand's personality. Resist the temptation to depart just for the sake of it, instead find innovative ways to incorporate your chosen elements consistently. Stick to your branding guidelines.

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