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What is Graphic Design?

Maybe you've seen the term graphic design when looking for services, but what does it really mean and what does a graphic designer do?

If you'll ask ten different people to define it, you'll likely get ten different answers. Some think of it as mere print originals, others as logo design and none of them are wrong. It is pretty much anything visual. Graphic design consists of a diverse landscape and we’ll aim to clarify it!👇

A broad spectrum

Graphic design is a creative practice that includes making visual communication of ideas and messages through a combination of text, images, and various design elements. It includes a broad spectrum of applications, from traditional print media to digital design. It aims to help your message be attractive, understandable and interesting. Here’s some common areas within graphic design that will make it easier for you to navigate:

Logo Design

Logos are the visual representation of your brand. A well-crafted logo makes it easier for customers to recognise you, and it sets the tone for your business identity. You want to have a unique, memorable logo that leaves a lasting impression.

Layout design

We’ve all seen presentations that were really hard to take in, and that doesn't mean the content was bad. But poor visual presentations doesnt even give the content a chance. A structured and visually appealing layout is essential in projects such as presentations and reports. Layouting supports the overall readability and impact of your content and makes the text easier to understand and appreciate.

Print Design

From brochures to signage, creating visually appealing print materials that convey your message effectively. Print design remains a cornerstone of marketing and brand promotion still to this day. It’s a lot about understanding how colors and pixels transfer from screen to whatever physical item they are delivered on.

Ad Design

Visual ads are vital for attracting customers and selling your product. But what stands out in a crowded marketplace? It’s not just about making something look great, there´s psychology behind our consumer behaviors and what ultimately gets us to purchase.

Icon Design

Icons play a big role in what we see and interact with on websites, apps and even in physical places. Icons that are both aesthetically pleasing and helps the user navigate, enhances the overall experience of any setting you want to provide your customer. We bet you can come up with some situations where you depend on icons to guide you?


​The term graphic design will include and give association to a wide range of things and as we evolve with more AI-tools it will probably be even harder to clarify. When searching for services in the graphic jungle, think about what you need to be more attractive and generate more sales. And don't settle for generic designs that fade into the background. Choose solutions that make a lasting impact!

Whether you need help with a specific design task or someone that ensures you have a consistent visual look every month, don't hesitate to:


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