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How Do You Transfer Brand Tradition Into Opportunity & Growth?

Updated: Feb 1

Meet the fusion of tradition and innovation in glasswork.

Whether revamping their iconic products or crafting something entirely new, glasswork company Reijmyre´s journey of brand building on an already well established brand is thrilling.

Reijmyre is a Swedish glasswork company with an impressive history that stretches over 200 years. They still operate on the same grounds and in the same facilities as they did back in 1810, resting on real industrial history. Located in Rejmyre, Östergötland, the glass factory is set up in a small craft village. Something they decided not to tear down, but instead use as it once was. They teamed up with Swedish craft distillery Almqvist who produces its spirits in the village. And when Almqvist hosts spirit testings, of course they serve the cocktails in Reijmyre glasses. A great example of creating an experience out of the ordinary.

Reijmyre takes great pride in its craftsmanship of their handmade glass and making sure it will live on forever. Behind every craft lies several hundred years of tradition. But the true fascination is found in staying appealing to new generations and audiences, and in the inspiring will to continue renewing while keeping all the production locally in Sweden. You can have great tradition and still be innovative and lead the change in your field. That's the sustainable way to look at it.

When creating these different parts of added values, they enhance the experience of the brand and brings the investments into profit. To manage a brand to fit for the future is truly a journey, and this one is one we are eager to follow.

So, how can you transition a brand to not only stay relevant, but also grow?

🌟 By celebrating its history,  saluting the evolution that defines the products and at the same time discover new ways of creating.

🌟 Build a destination that contributes to adding value to the brand by inviting people to meet the craftsmanship first hand.

🌟 Collaborate with others - and think outside of your own industry. Find a match that gives your customer more than they expected.



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