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Succeed With Your Video Content

Updated: Feb 1

Short-form video content is the best performing type of content on social media right now.

Definitely helping you get noticed. But how do you succeed with it?

👇 3 ways your video content can get noticed in the infinite feeds + a company that noticed and is doing it right.

🌟1. Be authentic

We connect with and trust people, so even if you're a company, use a personal language. Or better yet, have your clients do the talking for you. This is called user generated content and is very successful because we perceive it to be more authentic.

🌟2. Be inclusive

Speak and write in a way that everyone understands, and preferably show what you do to make it even clearer - walk the talk.

🌟3. Share knowledge

Give away some free advice, you have nothing to lose! By using solid tips that are close to what you offer and relevant for your audience you build relation and trust. You will be their go-to for inspiration and you stay top of mind.


Have you noticed?

One company that noticed short-form video content is (unthreatened) the best performing type of content right now is Swedish bacteria and fibre supplement brand @Super Synbiotics

And they're succeeding with it on social media because:

  1. They´re authentic - making easy to follow recipes in a reel kitchen, with a user generated feeling.

  2. They´re inclusive - the videos are simple and accessible for the audience to adapt and they´re showing you how you can do it too.

  3. They share knowledge using solid tips on how you can be healthier, it's close to their product offer and on something that is relevant to their audience.


Wanna know how you can do it?


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